Traffic and signposting


The Border Route and the North Sea/Baltic Sea Cycle Route are transborder cycle routes.


Hence, some specifics must be borne in mind:

Traffic rules


For cyclists, there is one important difference between German and Danish rules: When turning left, in Germany you leave the cycle lane and keep to the left lane or to the middle of the road. In Denmark this is forbidden. Here you cross the junction in the right-most position first, and do not turn left until all other traffic has passed.


You should stick to this rule, as fines in Denmark are high. This is also true for defective brakes, reflectors and lights. Almost everything is fined with a lump sum of 500 Dkr.


And do not forget your passport or ID-card.





The signposting differs in Germany and Denmark:


The routes are marked with logos in both countries. But in Germany, those logos only appear at junctions, not on the numerous sign-posts, that stand at every little turnoff! Here you always should follow the green bicycle on white background.

Signposting in Germany

In Denmark both Border Route and North Sea/Baltic Sea Cycle Route have their own blue signs featuring the route logo. These stand at the roadside only when the direction is to be changed. Otherwise the route follows the road – without any signs.

Signposting in Denmark

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